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The three winners from June’s cash giveaway have been drawn. Congratulations to the lucky winners with userIDs 678827, 896976 and 225256!

Access your wage, before pay day!

Get early access to a portion of your wage in real-time, plus so much more! Sign up in less than 3 minutes1. It’s Your Wage, Your Way.

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4.8 Stars / 3250 ratings
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Quick & easy payday advance service

  • Fair & transparent
  • Sign up in minutes
  • Apply for up to $2,500
  • Real-time wage deposit 24/7
  • Funds available in 60 seconds
  • Even lower rates for selected return customers

Calculate your advance

Your regular wage is $1,000
You can advance up to
And only repay an extra
Get My Wage Now

*Example based on a repayment period of 7 days. Eligibility criteria apply.

How do I get my pay now?

  • Step One
    Create an account

    Easily create an account using either our website or mobile app. We will only need your personal and contact details.

  • Step Two
    Connect your bank

    Securely and easily link your bank account so we can verify how much you can advance.

  • Step Three
    Real-time payout

    Once approved, receive your funds instantly with NPP transfers.

The new way to get your pay early

Wagepay was founded to help everyday Australians take control of the money they have earned and get real-time access to their wages before pay day. It’s time to empower employees to access their pay early and, unlike Buy Now Pay Later products, spend it where they like.

Instant payments

Access your pay-on-demand. Receive your funds in your account instantly with NPP payments.

No missed payment fees

Say goodbye to missed payment fees and default fees!

Tiered pricing

We offer even lower fees for selected loyal customers, saving you even more money.

We don’t do credit checks

Which means your credit score does not get impacted and your account usage remains private.

Real-time direct debit

We are the first in the industry, and one of the first businesses in Australia, to offer real-time direct debit (also known as PayTo). Say goodbye to waiting days for payments to clear.

Your personal life stays personal

Access your pay before payday without involving your employer. Or get your employment verified by connecting your employer to access further discounts. The powers in your hands.

Trusted by thousands

Wagepay is trusted by over 300,000 users Australia wide, and our ratings show it.

Google My Business 4.6/5
Google My Business
200+ Reviews
Product Review 4.5/5
Product Review
600+ Reviews
Finder 4.7/5
330+ Reviews
Trust Pilot 4.5/5
Trust Pilot
40+ Reviews

More than just wage advances

We don’t stop at wage advances. We are constantly innovating to bring you the very best complementary products and services.

Credit scoring

We provide our best customers with free access to their credit score from Equifax.

Bank scoring

We give you access to our proprietary bank score, and give you feedback on how this can be improved to improve your credit worthiness.

Loyalty program

We have a program to reward our loyal customers, which includes cash giveaways.

Mobile App

We are 100% online. Conveniently access our pay advance app online anytime through the easy to use mobile app, or choose to do it through our website.

Don’t take our word for it

Take theirs. Hear what our customers have to say about us.

  • Star Rating Icon
    "Love it"
    This is one of my most favoured pre pay app. I love how easy and flexible it is to use. Fantastic!!
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Great pay in advance"
    I choose this advance payment as my default lender. Pay system is super fast
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Wagepay my hero"
    Best app ever got me outer trouble time after time again its like having my own super hero always there to get me out of trouble with bills or debt thanks Wagepay
  • Star Rating Icon
    "New Customer"
    Found the app very easy to use. Quick signup & service. Offered $200 straight away, which is a lifesaver. Enabling me to pay bills now. No longer need to worry about bills. Only $10 extra on advance to pay back.
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Great service"
    I like how quick repayments are processed and the timely manner the applications are assessed. Wagepay has helped me when I’ve needed it
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Cheaper than Wallet Wizard or Nimble"
    Way less fees if you payback in time compared to other big lenders. Access you pay in less than a minute once approved.
  • Star Rating Icon
    "This is perfect"
    Thank you so much for your help when I’m in need urgently. I advised this 100% to everyone that needed to use.
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Very handy when yr short money some paydays"
    Very responsible lenders. They will not lend if they think it create difficulty in repaying. Very easy process. Highly recommended.
    Sandra C.
  • Star Rating Icon
    Great app! For those times you don’t want to get a loan which could affect your credit score but you need some spare cash just to get you through till next pay!!
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Great app"
    Excellent app, simple to use and assesses you each time so you don’t borrow too much
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Wagepay is a life savior"
    Wagepay has always been my go to if I need some funds before pay day. Truly easy to set up and the app is user friendly. Keep up the good work guys
  • Star Rating Icon
    "Helping hand"
    I cannot stress enough how amazing they have been with financial help in life’s unexpected events, fast processing and easy to use
  • Star Rating Icon
    Actually really good, if you use MyPayNow or anything like that, this one is just as great and reliable. You can also pay the amount back and access it straight away too- unlike others where you need 2 days for repayment processing.

Get in touch today

Have a question about your account? Send us a message from the app or web portal. Our self-service portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
Download the WagePay app on the apple store
4.8 Stars / 3250 ratings
Download the WagePay app on the google store
4.7 Stars / 2600 ratings